Unlike your regular gym.

Gyms are designed for you not to go. At Surpass, we're dedicated to help you become the fittest you can be. Our coaches are passionate about providing you the guidance and motivation to achieve any goal. 

More than working out

We provide you the guidance and motivation to succeed in both fitness and life.

For everyone

Athletes, kids, beginners, and people of all experience workout with us.

Why Surpass?

With us, you'll become fitter in less time than your conventional workouts. Every workout trains your entire body and emphasizes using your core. This means you'll have a stronger and more functional body.

We emphasize building proper technique and form to perform workouts safely and effectively. Our classes are only an hour kept small and personalized. Every class has a certified and dedicated coach to guide you through the workout. Most of our members have never worked out in their lives, and are now in a healthy and active daily routine.

Our Story

Fitness is a lifestyle. William Chang, the founder and head-coach at Surpass, shares his story on how it all began.

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