Runner’s High



After hitting that magical mile while running, something amazing overcomes my body. The release of endorphins kicks in, otherwise known as “Runner’s High.”  When I have reached this point the miles don’t seem to matter anymore and I never want to stop. It’s as if my body is in a good kind of numb, so I don’t realize how far I’ve gone. When I finally reach a destination and I’m satisfied, this high keeps me going throughout the rest of my day.

But the journey right before I hit that so called high isn’t exactly easy. I start off slowly, nothing too crazy, no sprints just a light jog until I warm up and I’m ready to actually run. I pick up the pace and I’m doing great until I encounter a force holding me back. It seems like I can’t get past the struggle. This is when the pain and complaints start to overcome my thoughts, I feel my sides cramping up, my ankle that hurts from my last run, my knees that want to give in, my thighs burning from running up that last hill, my shoulders too heavy to hold up anymore, not to mention the sun scorching on my entire body.

Now, begins the battle between my mind and my body. Everything aches and I think about stopping, think I have done enough. But no, I can’t stop, I’m not done. I start to evaluate my body in a different perspective. I think to myself, “Did you sprain your ankle? No. Are you bleeding? No. Are you having any unusual pains that you never had before? No.”

Nothing is wrong, everything is normal, I CAN keep going.  The feeling begins to take control of me, the infamous runner’s high. I can’t concentrate on anything but how good it feels to run, having the wind blowing at me and thinking about how much better I will feel once I reach my goal. All the pain, all the complaints, vanishes into thin air. All that negative energy and thoughts turn into the fuel to help me finish.

Then there I am walking it off, smiling to myself thinking, “Good job Janine, you didn’t give up.” Feeling energized mentally and physically. Thanking my body and mind. That’s what I love about running; it’s all about you, just you and your desire to keep going. You and your thoughts are your own support system. Cheer yourself on all the way to the end, until you have reached your full potential and then you’ll get your own runner’s high.

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