Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: December

When he walked through the Surpass Center doors, we knew there was something different about him than most 16 year olds. Though quiet at first, it was clear that his withheld nature was only a disguise.

He quickly progressed from a 95 lb deadlift to a 300 lb deadlift (at a body weight of 150 lbs). He continued to show up to class consistently, and started winning multiple workouts. He even destroyed a dash in the pouring rain, while going head to head with one of his teammates. Soon after, he quickly rose the rankings to an advanced athlete.

Along with his perseverance, this surpasser realizes the importance of hard work and expresses his joy reaching his goals in the most humbling way. There is a lot of potential in him and he’s always happy when we guide him along the way towards achieving more. Keep Surpassing Danny. You’ve earned this one.


About Coach Chang

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