Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: January

When he first started with us, I really didn’t know what to expect. He looked extremely athletic yet he threw up almost every workout. His diet consisted of Nutella, halal food and noodles, but couldn’t put on any weight. And he stayed extra quiet.

Slowly his presence was felt throughout the entire center. He stayed after class to work on his Olympic lifts, broke PRs weekly (deadlifting over double his body weight at 325), and put on 7 lbs (upping his intake of Nutella) from when he first began. And he actually started eating breakfast so he stopped puking.

He showed a few newcomers how to deadlift, encouraged his fellow surpassers after his workout, and he even assisted Coach Furlow with two 12 year olds. And though he didn’t place (eating pizza beforehand was a bad move), he gave it all he got in his first competition.

It’s increDOUble how much this surpasser has changed. His ambition, stubbornness to succeed, and bottomless stomach will certainly take him far in everything he does. Keep Surpassing Justin. AKA JustincreDOUble. You’ve earned this one.


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