Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: February

“F*** it, I’m in”. This surpasser has surprised us by joining our community right after missing our entire grand opening event. She had already taken classes with us in the past, but this was when we knew she had become part of the family.
There is one word that stands out with this individual: supportive. She strives to make sure that everyone is doing well and cheers them on through every workout. As well as pushing herself to her own limits, shes very mindful of the others around her and makes sure that everyone succeeds together. Her presence inside the Surpass Center gives everyone around her a great sense of achievement with every PR or workout.
There is a lot of potential in this surpasser and she continues to do better with each and every day. She is consistent and arrives to work out 3-4 times a week. She is very comprehensive and easily understands the coaches and their advice. As a result, it was very simple for her to learn specific movements and workouts. In less than a month, she is able to keep up with the other members.
We, the Surpass Team, are extremely appreciative of such an amazing person joining our group. We can clearly see her progress every week and we truly believe she will reach her fitness goals at an incredible pace. Jennifer Loh, you’ve earned this one.

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