Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: March

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Coach Chang: “Are you serious, 10k again?”
Gou Xiong: “Yes. Rowing is so fun”.
Arnold: “You could’ve gone to Indonesia and back by now.”
Though he came from a wrestling background and worked out frequently, there was still a need to adapt to a new environment. He never worked out his legs (guys, c’mon), was on the heavier end, and lacked body control in many of the exercises. He threw up several times in the first week. But In a month of working hard and staying consistent, he dropped 10 lbs and was able to keep up with all the advanced athletes. He also earned the nickname of “Gou Xiong”, or Bear in Chinese.
His fierceness, determination, and ambition towards getting better everyday is apparent throughout the center. He always comes in focused on being a better athlete, and is committed to going to the Crossfit Games one day. Fitness world, watch out. This young athlete is force to be reckoned with.
Henry Chen, congrats. You’ve earned this one.

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