Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: September


It’s hard to find the balance between recklessness and ambition. Or a word to even describe it. Whatever the case may be, the “reckbition” has enabled the surpasser of this month to make tremendous progress in just 2 months.

When he’s not flying planes, he’s putting as much effort as he can to improve himself at the Center. Unable to perform a proper squat with no weight at first, he’s now able to squat his body weight for 5 reps, at full depth. He’s upgraded his diet from “$100 dollar cheeseburgers” to lean meats and veggies. And most impressive, he beats all of us on a run.. everytime.

He brings a competitive yet supportive vibe to the atmosphere, something that every sport needs. We see more great things to come from the Surpasser of the month, Pilot Andy Yin.

About Coach Chang

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