Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: November

It’s definitely difficult to find a place in your life to workout, especially when a big chunk of your day consists of working and commuting. Despite the limitations in her schedule, she found a way to come through the Surpass doors.
This Surpasser of the Month has shown tremendous progress, from the 3 months she has been here. Her weight is down, her lifts are up, and she’s developed a healthy routine for herself in and out of the gym. She’s only growing fitter everyday, even with her very occasional food trips (follow her on instagram for some SERIOUS foodporn @iiamjelly).
We are very happy to have someone so eager, supportive, and motivated to be a part of the Surpass Family. We know for a fact that she will continue to improve and inspire others as well. The Surpasser Spotlight of November goes to: Jessie Shen.


About Coach Chang

On a journey in helping the world Surpass the Limit, to achieve anything in fitness and life. Highlight Video:
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