Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: December

This Surpasser has grown so much from the day he walked through the Surpass doors. He started with a “Goodmorning” of a squat due to his lack of mobility and body awareness, but it didn’t take him long to develop a solid form. His eagerness and competitiveness, pleasantly complemented with his humility, has helped him improve drastically in just 3 months. From weight-loss, to increased focus, to even.. a 205 lb deadlift to 425 deadlift in a week (I’m not sure how to explain that one.. I guess it was just a bit of “hidden strength”? ).

He is always hungry for new challenges, consistently training with our Advanced and Elite members. Not to mention, he always shows up early despite coming all the way from Brooklyn using public transportation (an hour and half away). We are excited to see what this Surpasser will accomplish in the months to come, when he unleashes his true potential. Kwabena, you’ve earned December’s Surpasser of the Month.

About Coach Chang

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