Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: December

This Surpasser has grown so much from the day he walked through the Surpass doors. He started with a “Goodmorning” of a squat due to his lack of mobility and body awareness, but it didn’t take him long to develop a solid form. His eagerness and competitiveness, pleasantly complemented with his humility, has helped him improve drastically in just 3 months. From weight-loss, to increased focus, to even.. a 205 lb deadlift to 425 deadlift in a week (I’m not sure how to explain that one.. I guess it was just a bit of “hidden strength”? ).

He is always hungry for new challenges, consistently training with our Advanced and Elite members. Not to mention, he always shows up early despite coming all the way from Brooklyn using public transportation (an hour and half away). We are excited to see what this Surpasser will accomplish in the months to come, when he unleashes his true potential. Kwabena, you’ve earned December’s Surpasser of the Month.

Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: November

It’s definitely difficult to find a place in your life to workout, especially when a big chunk of your day consists of working and commuting. Despite the limitations in her schedule, she found a way to come through the Surpass doors.
This Surpasser of the Month has shown tremendous progress, from the 3 months she has been here. Her weight is down, her lifts are up, and she’s developed a healthy routine for herself in and out of the gym. She’s only growing fitter everyday, even with her very occasional food trips (follow her on instagram for some SERIOUS foodporn @iiamjelly).
We are very happy to have someone so eager, supportive, and motivated to be a part of the Surpass Family. We know for a fact that she will continue to improve and inspire others as well. The Surpasser Spotlight of November goes to: Jessie Shen.


Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: September


It’s hard to find the balance between recklessness and ambition. Or a word to even describe it. Whatever the case may be, the “reckbition” has enabled the surpasser of this month to make tremendous progress in just 2 months.

When he’s not flying planes, he’s putting as much effort as he can to improve himself at the Center. Unable to perform a proper squat with no weight at first, he’s now able to squat his body weight for 5 reps, at full depth. He’s upgraded his diet from “$100 dollar cheeseburgers” to lean meats and veggies. And most impressive, he beats all of us on a run.. everytime.

He brings a competitive yet supportive vibe to the atmosphere, something that every sport needs. We see more great things to come from the Surpasser of the month, Pilot Andy Yin.

Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: August

This unique individual has the discipline and focus of a monk. He brings a sense of calmness and positivity to the center, which everyone feels. But, don’t be fooled by his lightheartedness. Pulling well over double his bodyweight and having a sub 5 Fran time, his strength and athleticism makes him one of the top athletes at the gym.

Though relaxed at most times, he flips on a switch of relentlessness when attacking an intense workout. But despite his incredible fitness, what we appreciate most about this individual is his selflessness at the center. Well-rounded in all areas, he is always ready to assist others in need, from the beginners, to even the coaches at times. He’s even helped Coach Chang improve on his handstand walk.

We are very happy of the balance he brings to the center, making him the Surpasser of the Month. Santiago Panduri, you’ve earned this one.

Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: July


It’s remarkable how far this Surpasser has gone. Intimidated at first (as most newcomers are), she quickly grew into our community through her contagious enthusiasm and hardwork. She trains almost every day, and has made tremendous progress, packing a 225 lb deadlift within 2 months. We are so proud of how much heart she brings to our center, and can only see more great things to come.

Congrats to our student, motivator, evangelist, and Surpasser of the Month, Dana He.

Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: March

IMG_8967 (2)

Coach Chang: “Are you serious, 10k again?”
Gou Xiong: “Yes. Rowing is so fun”.
Arnold: “You could’ve gone to Indonesia and back by now.”
Though he came from a wrestling background and worked out frequently, there was still a need to adapt to a new environment. He never worked out his legs (guys, c’mon), was on the heavier end, and lacked body control in many of the exercises. He threw up several times in the first week. But In a month of working hard and staying consistent, he dropped 10 lbs and was able to keep up with all the advanced athletes. He also earned the nickname of “Gou Xiong”, or Bear in Chinese.
His fierceness, determination, and ambition towards getting better everyday is apparent throughout the center. He always comes in focused on being a better athlete, and is committed to going to the Crossfit Games one day. Fitness world, watch out. This young athlete is force to be reckoned with.
Henry Chen, congrats. You’ve earned this one.

Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: February

“F*** it, I’m in”. This surpasser has surprised us by joining our community right after missing our entire grand opening event. She had already taken classes with us in the past, but this was when we knew she had become part of the family.
There is one word that stands out with this individual: supportive. She strives to make sure that everyone is doing well and cheers them on through every workout. As well as pushing herself to her own limits, shes very mindful of the others around her and makes sure that everyone succeeds together. Her presence inside the Surpass Center gives everyone around her a great sense of achievement with every PR or workout.
There is a lot of potential in this surpasser and she continues to do better with each and every day. She is consistent and arrives to work out 3-4 times a week. She is very comprehensive and easily understands the coaches and their advice. As a result, it was very simple for her to learn specific movements and workouts. In less than a month, she is able to keep up with the other members.
We, the Surpass Team, are extremely appreciative of such an amazing person joining our group. We can clearly see her progress every week and we truly believe she will reach her fitness goals at an incredible pace. Jennifer Loh, you’ve earned this one.

Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: January

When he first started with us, I really didn’t know what to expect. He looked extremely athletic yet he threw up almost every workout. His diet consisted of Nutella, halal food and noodles, but couldn’t put on any weight. And he stayed extra quiet.

Slowly his presence was felt throughout the entire center. He stayed after class to work on his Olympic lifts, broke PRs weekly (deadlifting over double his body weight at 325), and put on 7 lbs (upping his intake of Nutella) from when he first began. And he actually started eating breakfast so he stopped puking.

He showed a few newcomers how to deadlift, encouraged his fellow surpassers after his workout, and he even assisted Coach Furlow with two 12 year olds. And though he didn’t place (eating pizza beforehand was a bad move), he gave it all he got in his first competition.

It’s increDOUble how much this surpasser has changed. His ambition, stubbornness to succeed, and bottomless stomach will certainly take him far in everything he does. Keep Surpassing Justin. AKA JustincreDOUble. You’ve earned this one.


Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: December

When he walked through the Surpass Center doors, we knew there was something different about him than most 16 year olds. Though quiet at first, it was clear that his withheld nature was only a disguise.

He quickly progressed from a 95 lb deadlift to a 300 lb deadlift (at a body weight of 150 lbs). He continued to show up to class consistently, and started winning multiple workouts. He even destroyed a dash in the pouring rain, while going head to head with one of his teammates. Soon after, he quickly rose the rankings to an advanced athlete.

Along with his perseverance, this surpasser realizes the importance of hard work and expresses his joy reaching his goals in the most humbling way. There is a lot of potential in him and he’s always happy when we guide him along the way towards achieving more. Keep Surpassing Danny. You’ve earned this one.


Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: November






These are just a few characteristics of a Surpasser. In, and out of the gym.

Her daily commute is about 30-40 minutes, sometimes in traffic. You can catch her hitting doubles, 6 days a week, and even after class, she’ll be working on her olympic lifting with Coach Chang. She’s only been here with us for 2 weeks, but her athleticism has already caught up to some of our advanced athletes.

Despite her quick progress, she remains humble and soft-spoken.  She is fearless of any workouts that are thrown at her, and is always eager to learn more. Most importantly, she’s determined to be the best she can be, every single day.

The Surpasser of the Month goes to:

-Rose Dematteo



Keep Surpassing.