Surpasser Spotlight of the Month: October

We all work extremely hard at the Surpass Center and in the process discover how much more we are actually capable of. We will start giving recognition to a Surpasser each month. Keep up the great work, we are so proud of all of you!

This month’s Surpasser is…
NAME: Marco DiBenedetto
BIRTHDAY: October 11
PR HIGHLIGHT: Deadlift- 315 lbs



Marco has been training at the Surpass Center for about two years now. It is truly amazing to see how much a person can grow – both physically and overall as a person. This month, Marco has not only made it to more classes than anyone but he consistently arrives early. If you’re on time you’re late right? Marco comes early in order to stretch and properly warm up so that as soon as class starts he’s prepared.

What amazes us the most is that Marco was more on the quiet side and had great focus during his workouts, but now Marco has come out of his shell. Not only has Marco been putting in work in the WODs and lifts but he has opened up. We see Marco cheering everyone on and helping out when needed.

Remember, your attitude during workouts carries on to your attitude in life. When you can push yourself through a tough WOD no matter how much it’s killing you, what can’t you accomplish in this thing called life?

Keep Surpassing