M-F at 9AM, 6PM, 7PM (except Friday)

Saturday’s at 10AM

What is in a class?

Classes are only an hour long, consisting of weight-training, calisthenics, rowing, and running. A certified coach teaches how to perform each exercise properly so you can get the most results, and stay injury-free. You’ll be training with a group of up to 8 people.

Is this for everyone?

Yes! Our members range from 56 year-old mothers that haven’t exercised in years, to 18 year-old athletes. Though everyone gets the same workout, your exercises will differ based on your level of experience. For example: If you have never touched a bar before, you will be working with a white plastic PVC pipe.

What are the benefits of working out here?

Our workouts vary day to day, so you will never be tired of the same routine, and challenge your body to improve in areas you never trained. Unlike regular gyms, we dedicate our resources to helping you achieve your goals, from teaching you, motivating you, and tracking progress throughout our program. You’re basically “renting” a personal trainer (don’t worry, you get our gym too).

The Surpass Center

Our gym isn’t just a fitness facility.
Our coaches aren’t just fitness trainers.
Our members aren’t just people looking to toss weights around and leave.

We are a center where hard work, patience, and ambition thrives in every corner.
Our coaches push you to overcome obstacles in fitness, and life.
Our surpassers (not members), are on a mission to be better than they are every day, and help each other through it.


Expect to:

  • Become more functional and mobile. You’ll be surprised how flexible you get just from doing squats.
  • Learn proper form for all barbell lifts including the Back Squat, Deadlift, Front Press, Front Squat, and Bench Press
  • Gain muscle, increase strength, be more athletic you ever were, and look amazing.

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