Jessie Shen



Alright guys, it’s#transformationtuesday

from Feb – Apr. (front view (top) side view (bot))
‣ As some of you may or may not know, I really struggled with my weight last year. I was going through some changes in my life and eventually it led me to eating out all the time, staying up late, overindulging in food (which resulted in stretching out my stomach) and drinking A LOT. It was up to the point where I felt really really bad about myself and not being able to fit into a lot of my clothes, made me kind of depressed. I complained so much about it that finally, I knew I had to change my lifestyle.

‣ My friend and coach @willtheway had reached out to me around September of last year and told me to come try out a class. It must’ve been perfect timing since I was super desperate for help and didn’t know where to start. After trying out a class, I told myself that if I’m going to do this, I’m going to commit 100%. Cut out eating out during the week, no more drinking (two drink limit IF I must lol), and no overeating. Joining a gym is one thing, but what you put into your body is another thing. I knew I had to make better and healthier choices as well. So, I joined crossfit and this is how my fitness journey began

. ‣ My start weight was 140lbs (last Sept) 😔. In Feb it was 139lbs 😩. In Apr., I was down to 127lbs 🙌🏼😆.

Although I may not be at my desired weight 🙄, it is mostly about how you feel about yourself ☺️. Your weight is just a number. Don’t let it discourage you but rather let it push you to work harder. But remember, it doesn’t happen over night (unfortunately) 😒! I was always so caught up with seeing instant results but finally realized that it just takes t i m e. I had to keep telling myself all those things. Honestly, I would probably be at my desired weight by now if I wasn’t such a crazy foodie 😜 (for those of you who follow me @iiamjelly). 

Jessie Shen lost over 13 lbs with us and increased her fitness. 

Julio Hewu



“One year ago, looks didn’t matter. This year, we have accomplished and taken steps toward success. This progress wasn’t impossible without the help @willtheway and support of my friends.”
Julio lost over 30 lbs with us in 3 months. His year transformation has been incredible. 

Kenneth Quach



“My journey doesn’t stop here, it’s only the beginning 😈”

Kenneth went from 140 to 160 lbs in 6 months with us, increasing size, strength and fitness. 

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